thank you note dylan summer 2013

Thank you for showing our kids that they can do anything with a little patience and hard work. We love your “hands-on” approach to learning and so do the kids! Many thanks, Victoria, Elam, Bella, Luke, Asume, Colleen.


I have already used your instructions over the last couple of weekends to build the marble racer, the Moto Magic 2 and the bilge pump with my daughter (6 years old), and we had a lot of fun making and using them. Thanks for posting all these great projects!

Best regards, Vera


I still have my toolbox that I made three years ago… From one of the children at the Boys and Girls Club


Do you remember me? I made the Race Car… I liked it very much, fun to make and I still have it on my bookshelf… One of the senior boys from the Club talking about his earlier years making some of these projects.


testimonial thank you 2012

Your workshops are always a highlight of the week. I know the kids love it and you give them something that will last a real long time! Seth, counselor Boys and Girls Club and James, Benjamin, Cheyenne, Mike, Nevin, Mathew, Adam, Tyler, Charlene, Jacob, Jake, Riley, Spencer, Brooklyn, and Emma. Summer Camp 2008.


I looked over the projects on your blog, and all I can say is that they
are wonderful. I especially like the bright colors. They really add a
lot.  Retired professor mechanical engineering , South Dartmouth, MA, USA.


My colleague and friend,  a Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering, Queen’s University has developed a rich set of resources to complement and supplement the elementary science curriculum in classrooms and at home. The activities, A-B-C Science are full sets of illustrated instructions for making simple tools and objects that illuminate important science concepts. All of the objects are made with “found” materials that may otherwise end up in the garbage or recycling bins. It is advised that children work with an adult to create the objects and then play with them to see how science works. The activities are rich and sound and I would like to link to them from the resource page for The Community Outreach Centre Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, at Kingston, ON, Canada.

Resources for teachers at: http://educ.queensu.ca/coc/resources


Thank you for yet another great year of science and technology programming. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and supportive volunteer to teach and mentor our children. We hope you have great holiday season and we are looking forward to 2014 with you!

 Staff at the Boys and Girls Club


Children can develop life skills and feel good about their achievements without them realising what has really happened; yes they built a toolbox, but they learned much more in self-confidence and attitude. You are sowing seeds that will germinate in the future and hopefully create better and confident capable citizens.

Roger Cole, Professional Model Boat Builder. His very fine work can be seen at 



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