Fast spinning top with "string motor" and many more exciting projects!

Lets Make a Fast Spinning Top…

All you need is a discarded CD or DVD, a piece of dowel wood 9 millimeter thick, (or 3/8 inch), about 65 millimeter long, and a piece of fuel line, 15 mm long,  from your friendly neighborhood auto-mechanic. The rubber tube should fit easily in the center hole of the CD while the inside diameter is smaller than the outside diameter of the wooden peg. Show your mechanic,  or any handy person, what you are making and he or she will understand what you need or what needs to be done.

When you have all this together the use a pencil sharpener to make a tip on one end of the dowel wood. Don’t make the point too sharp!

Stick the  short piece of rubber hose in the hole of the CD and then put the dowel wood with the point first into the hose; lubricate it with some Vaseline. Hammer or push the dowel wood all the way through the hose until the point comes out the other end, about 5-8 mm. The dowel wood expands the rubber hose and that clamps the CD nicely on the wood, and it is now the axle of the top. You might need some support under the CD and the rubber, a block of wood with a hole i n it  just a little bigger than the axle works perfect; discuss this with an adult, there are different ways of doing this, explore, experiment, and have success…

For the string motor you need of course a string, not too thick and not too thin either, about 50 centimeter long and a piece of wood, about 15 cm long and not less than 20 millimeter square. You need to drill a hole 12 millimeters in diameter in the wood. You need to ask help with this from somebody who has a drill. Don’t be shy, most adults are more than happy to help you achieve a task.    

Ps. We use metric measurements, if you need to go from metric to inches use a measuring tape that has both scales on it and you can easily look for the number in inches.

Fast spinning top and "string motor"

You have some stickers? Fine. If not that is also OK.

When you decorate the top, use stickers which you must place opposite of each other to maintain the perfect balance of the top. Use primary colors  in this case: yellow, blue and red. They will become white when the top spins. With markers you can go wild! Spin the top by winding the string around the peg and put the top with the string wound up, in the handle, then pull, and when the top is at a high speed you pull the handle up and free the top to run its course. It will spin forever… or almost forever. You need to practice to get the results!

When done, wind the string around the axle and stick it into the handle. Put the top on a smooth surface while you hold the handle. 

NOW… slowly pull on the string it will turn the top, pull a little faster and when you are almost “at the end of your rope”, lift the handle gently up and away from the top…

See it spin fast and for a long time, if not, practice and practice some more…

You will become an expert, but it might need some patience and practice!

Practice makes a master top spinner…