Ring Game

ring game final assembly

We can make a ring game from some scraps and three wooden rings left over from a curtain installation. You can also make the rings from strips of paper and glue them together, or use some wire and make rings that way.  A wire coat hanger can give you the wire you need,

Here are the materials you need. A square piece of plywood or plank, four pieces that make the upright a little more stable, but also are for decoration, so you can skip them if you wish. The upright is a piece of wood from an old sun umbrella, but any stick would do, a piece of an old wooden broomstick is fine. Drill small holes in the end of the stick, so it will not split when you nail or screw it to the base. Use a bit of glue as well!

ring game materials

We nail the two largest pieces on both sides of the upright, and then nail the smaller pieces across. Make sure you press them tight to the upright when nailing. We decorated the sides first with some electric tape to make it colorful.

ring game assembly

It is all done, and you can play with your friends of alone, try to throw the rings over the upright while standing close by, when you have practiced some and get better at it, move farther away. There is trick to holding the rings at an angle while throwing…. You will find out. Have fun!

ring game final assembly

It is harder than you think but practice does wonders and you will   become an expert like these children…

kids with rings e