Moto Magic Two

The new and improved Moto Magic 2

The Moto Magic Two is easier to make and runs better than anything before, however it runs in circles!

If you like to race it over a distance then make the moto magic from a tin can.

The materials you need

These are the materials you need, a plastic one liter tub with lid, elastics and some washers, a skewer and a medicine cup.

The bottom part assembled

Make a hole in the bottom and the lid with a hot soldering iron or just drill  a hole, you can also heat a steel wire from a coat hanger and melt a hole with that. You need some adult help with this. The elastic is stuck through the hole in the bottom and a small piece of wood, such as a broken match, holds it  in place…

The Moto Magic II assembled

Pull the elastic from the bottom to the top and put it through the hole in the lid, then through the medicine cup, add two washers and stick the skewer through the elastic loop to hold it. Place the skewer about 2/3 of its length on one side, as shown…

Your Moto Magic II is finished!

Add some decoration, and wind the spring several turns, then set the Moto Magic on a smooth surface and see it run in circles. If you use a one liter tin can and follow the same construction method, it will run in a straight line. Moto Magic Two is more fun because you can jump up and let it run under your feet, don’t step on it ….