Mable Race Machine

marble driver july 9 2013

The children of the Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp are busy making a Marble Race Machine….


marble race complet with extension

Pop a marble into the top and it comes racing out of the exit at the left before you can blink an eye! It runs in a perfect straight line across a smooth floor and when you aim well, you should hit the target. A great game for youngsters 6-9 years of age and for the grown-ups as well!

marble race materials

Here are the materials you need, all scraps of wood and plastic parts…

A wooden base made of plywood or a plank, about 15 centimeters square and 10 to 20 mm thick, I carved out a channel as you can see but that is not really needed, skip it… You need also a piece of wood about 5 cm wide, 15 mm thick and 20 cm long to help keep up the plastic elbow. As you can see we need a plastic elbow used for electrical cable in house wiring and a straight extension piece. You get those bits from the electrician, he or she will gladly give you that if you explain why you need it!

I use a plastic container from the grocery store to hold the marbles, and doubles as a target.

The plastic tape is also from the electrician or hardware store just to brighten up your project…

marble race tube and frame

This photo shows the back piece  screwed to the base, use a little glue as well before you screw it tight and make sure it is vertical! The plastic elbow is in its place and we need to screw the plastic bracket down with two short wood screws. Actually I wound some tape around the pipe to make a tighter fit between the bracket and the pipe.

marble race complete

You are almost done! We decorated the base and the elbow, make sure that the tape always circles around the part and ends on top of the first layer otherwise it does not hold well on the wood alone. While you put it on, pull on the roll so that the tape is stretched and tight! Just put the extension pipe into the special joint at the top of the elbow and you are off to the races…

marble driver july 9 2013 b

Ready, aim, one…two…three: drop the marble and see it race to the target…

marble driver july 9 2013 c