A Great Sounding Drum

The drum made from a plastic pail, a polyester awning material, some polyester rope, wood sticks and some youthful ingenuity. Give it a try, but get some help and supervision of an adult!

All you need is a discarded plastic pail and some awning fabric or other strong but thin fabric or leather, a few wooden sticks and some tools you can find around the house. Feel free to visit a local shop, the trades people or store owners will try to help you when you show what you are  planning to make. Most materials in this project are scrap pieces in any workshop! And most adults will try to help you. Besides, you will build contacts and you will get a better feel for practical work in technology.

I our latest version we omit the wood sticks and weave the rope directly through the holes in the side of the bucket, you can drill all the twelve holes at the same distance from the top, just experiment a little and you will find the right set-up for your own project. After all,  these projects are meant to tickle your imagination and make variations on these projects. Good luck! The ten boys and girls at the Boys and Girls Club in Kingston, Ontario, were enthusiastically playing their drums at the end of the project hour, the whole building resounded with the drumbeat, WOW…