This is a project that  can be  easily assembled. The materials can be found around the house. Ask the pharmacist for a medicine cup, he or she might give you two or three for backup! The toy is great for eye and hand coordination. You will amaze your friends with your skill in catching the wood block in the cup. Especially when you practice a little before you show off your art!

catcher materials

Here are the materials you need, they are easy to find around the house or you can get them as scrap material from friend. The medicine cup is from the pharmacy or drugstore, they will give you some… You need a piece of supple string, a screw and some decorative tape.. The “ball” can be a small bouncy ball or a cork or a piece of dowel wood, anything that can act as a little weight at the end of the string.

catcher cup string

String and “ball” are put together. the string is about 60 centimeters long.  Note that we have put some tape around the plastic cup, it makes it stronger and looks good. You need to melt a small hole in the bottom of the cup with a soldering iron, or a heated piece of steel coat hanger.  Or you can drill a hole, ask an adult for help!

Now screw the cup on top of the piece of wood that is the handle, tape the string to the handle just under the cup and your catcher toy is ready. Throw the ball in the air then try catching it. With some practice and patience you will soon be a master catcher. Play this game with some friends it makes for even more fun…