A Ball Game; Made in Record Time

This is a great game for you alone, for a team, or for a group! Requires hand and eye coordination. The more you play it the better you will get!

The balls are plastic ones, but you can use tennis balls, golf balls, or any fist sized ball. It is great fun!

You need a empty plastic tub that most grocery stores are more than willing to give you they like to get rid of them. Any delicatessen store or natural food store have them as well.

The materials you need

Cut a hole in the lid, you can use a box-cutter knife, but they are sharp and you need an adult by your side for safety, you may also use a scroll saw either a hand held one or an electric one. Again, you need some adult help.

Now decorate the tub and especially the lid and you are in business, try to throw a ball in from a short distance and when you can do that move farter away. Whoever throws the most ball in through the hole is the winner. You can also use one ball and move farther back, the person who is farthest back and had his/her ball in the tub, is now the winner. Try to invent more ways of playing with it.