Air Compressor Pump Pops a Cork…


air compressor project

The Air Pump sometimes children call it a “popper”. No matter what the name, it is fun..

compressed air pump

These are the materials, a piece of dowel wood, a piece of electrical plastic pipe, a small piece of leather, a string and a cork. And of course some colored electrical tape to decorate it all…

air leather nail on piston  rod


Cut a “washer” from the leather, it should be a  little bigger than the inside of the plastic tube, and nail it to the and of the dowel wood. You can also use a small screw with a steel washer, ask an adult about this if you need help. Add a little Vaseline to make it airtight.





cork string ribbon

Use some tape to attach the string to the cork and add some ribbons that makes it more fun…

stopper at end of piston rod

The other end of the dowel wood needs a stopper, just wind some tape around the end thick enough that it can no longer disappear into the tube. This also protects your hand when you use the compressor…

Have you used a hand held bicycle pump? Well this is one is similar and you can make yourself! When it is done, you can experiment with it. When you FORCE the PISTON in to the tube you do WORK, While the other end of the tube is closed off by the cork, you compress the air inside. Your work is stored in the compressed air as POTENTIAL ENERGY. What is so “potential” about this you might ask? Well when the cork pops out of the other end the compressed air escapes suddenly with a loud “POP”, the potential energy becomes suddenly SOUND ENERGY. When the sound is gone your hard work or energy you put in the pump has disapeared in the great blue yonder of the universe. Wow, just try it again, if you do this many times you get a good WORK-out which makes you energetic!


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